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B.Y. Plumbing Gippsland will design, supply, install and service all of your Septic Systems and on-site wastewater systems. Our excavator will make quick work of any drainage required.

As well as water supply, roofing, sanitary, gas fitting, backflow prevention, fire protection and irrigation; we can also supply and install a huge range of poly tanks - from 545L to 50,000L capacity - including the RainBank builders packages for your new home.

Septic Tank Options:

septic tanks.png
Septic tanks images poly.png
KLARO EPro15 - Advanced SBR Home Sewerage System

  • Low power consumption air blowers don't run continuously

  • No mechanical parts in the waste water thanks to air lift technology

  • Excellent cleaning performance

  • Robust & proven SBR Technology

  • Approved to Australian Standards

  • Engineered in Germany

  • High quality components means low maintainance costs

KLARO Septic System with Baffle
  • Quality tested: Graf CARAT underground tanks are TUV safety-tested and ISO9001 production

  • Light weight: can also be installed in difficult local conditions without crane

  • Tanks approved to Australian Standard AS1546.1

  • Reasonable purchase and installation costs

  • Low Maintainance: maintainance or cleaning work can be performed through the dome shafts.

  • Warranty: Graf Septic Systems are supported by a 15 year manufacturers warranty

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