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Whether you are in the South Gippsland, Bass Coast, Wellington or Latrobe Council you will need to apply for a septic permit for new installations or alterations to an existing system.
A wastewater permit must be obtained as well as the building permit before work can begin. 
As a licenced plumber, B.Y. Plumbing Gippsland can design your system plan and submit the permit on your behalf.

If you would like us to apply for the permit on your behalf the steps to take are:

1. Email us a copy of the plans (any site plan with building location, building plan showing bedrooms, existing as-laid plans) to

2. Let us know your contact details and the property details.

3. A copy of a Land Capability Assessment (if available).

4. After discussing your needs, we will send you through an invoice to complete payment of Septic Application (variable depending on location and whether new or alteration) and Lodgement Fees ($660GSTinc).

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